About the project

Project ID

The  cross-border cooperation program Greece – Bulgaria 2014-2020 was approved by the European Commission on 09.09.2015 (decision C (2015) 6283). The total budget of the program amounts to 784.152,36 euros, of which 666.529,51 from the ERDF (85%) and 117.622,85 from the national participation of Greece and Bulgaria (15%) and aims to strengthen cross-border cooperation between the two countries in thematic differences that “translate into the following thematic priorities.

  • Priority Axis: 1: A competitive and innovative cross-border area
  • Priority Axis: 2: Sustainable and climatically adaptable cross-border area
  • Priority Axis: 3: Better interconnected cross-border area
  • Priority Axis: 4: A cross-border area without social exclusions
  • Priority Axis: 5: Technical Assistance

The CHIC project was selected for funding in the implementation of the priority 2 axis and in particular the investment priority 6C – Preservation, protection, promotion and development of natural and cultural heritage and special purpose 4 – Utilization of the cultural and natural heritage heritage of its cross-border area.

Project goal

The main purpose of the project is the cooperation between the two target areas (municipality of Komotini (Greece) – Haskovo (Bulgaria)) at the cultural level in order to further develop their tourism and their permanent and multi-level cooperation in these areas.

The project also aims to promote the common cultural background of the two regions and its expression through theater, public events and strengthen the connection between cultural associations and businessmen of the two regions as well as the development of a cross-border common tourist identity through cultural events. in turn will create a model that encourages faster and more efficient socio-economic integration. Also, the creation of a common tourist identity of the two regions is expected to contribute to the competitiveness and greater differentiation of the tourist product of the regions. In order to achieve the above, the project will be based on the promotion – utilization of important cultural infrastructures (building of an old municipal library in Komotini – Theater-Community Center in Haskovo).

The actions of the project will concern:

  • The recording and promotion of the historical and cultural monuments of the two areas for the purpose of tourist development
  • Improving signage in both areas
  • Promoting theater and popular events as a tool for promoting a common cultural heritage
  • The reconstruction of cultural spaces
  • The production of tourist promotion material