1. WP2: Communication & Dissemination

Output 2.1.1 : Project communication and dissemination guide

Output 2.1.2 Website for promoting the project and contributing to its sustainability

Output 2.1.3 : Promotion and information material of the "CHIC" project

Output 2.1.4 : Electronic campaign to promote the project and its actions.

Output 2.1.5: Organizing information events and the final conference of the project.

2. WP5: Creating common tools

Output 5.1.1: Marking Study in the Intervention Area

Output 5.1.2: Information signage network for visitors to the area of the Municipality of Komotini consisting of fifty signage.

3. WP6: Connecting culture to tourism​

Output 6.1.1 Creating training packages for tourism professionals on local and cross-border cultural heritage.

Output 6.1.2: Training Implementation

Output 6.1.3: Tourist Guide for the promotion of local businesses and products based on myths, popular events and the theatrical tradition of the target area in Greek and English 

Output 6.1.4: Tourism business network.